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  • Platform Website
  • Tech / Frameworks Angular

Attract new students and establish Yulatutors as a leading eLearning platform for ACCA and CMA subjects with a compelling website, expertly crafted by Apps Lanka.

This website, designed with a focus on functionality and user experience, will highlight the key features that make Yulatutors the ideal choice for aspiring accountants:

  • Subject-Based Manual Subscription: Showcase the flexibility Yulatutors offers by demonstrating the subject-based subscription system. Potential students can understand the ease of choosing specific subjects they need to focus on, optimising their learning journey.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Listing: A dedicated section showcasing the platform's extensive lesson library will be instrumental. Feature video thumbnails, clear descriptions, and topic breakdowns to entice students and demonstrate the depth of Yulatutors' curriculum.
  • Engaging Learning Experience: Emphasise the engaging learning experience by showcasing:
    • Interactive Video Lessons: Apps Lanka leverages its expertise in E-Learning platform development to ensure seamless integration with various video hosting platforms. This allows Yulatutors to deliver high-quality video lessons created by experienced instructors.
    • Assessment Tools: Feature the integration of quizzes and interactive assessments that test knowledge retention and challenge students to apply their learnings.
    • Downloadable Resources: Showcase the availability of downloadable resources such as study guides, practice papers, and other supplementary materials that students can access for further learning.
  • Subject Listings: Organise subjects clearly with dedicated pages outlining course details and learning objectives. This transparency builds trust and allows students to make informed decisions. 
  • Testimonials: Display genuine testimonials from satisfied students. Hearing positive feedback from peers adds social proof and strengthens Yulatutors' credibility.
  • Informative Pages: Include informative "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages to create a well-rounded website presence. Briefly introduce the Yulatutors team and their expertise, and provide clear contact information for potential inquiries.

Apps Lanka's SEO Optimisation Expertise
We don't just build websites, we build websites that are seen! Apps Lanka implement strategic on-page SEO optimisation techniques to ensure Yulatutors' website ranks high in search results for relevant keywords like "ACCA Online Courses" or "CMA eLearning." This will drive organic traffic and attract students actively seeking ACCA and CMA preparation resources.

A Powerful Admin Panel
The website will be powered by a robust Laravel-based admin panel. This backend system empowers Yulatutors with complete control over:

  • Content Management: Easily add, edit, and update lesson content, course descriptions, and website information.
  • User Management: Manage student registrations, subscriptions, and access levels efficiently.
  • Subscription Management: Monitor and manage subject-based subscriptions seamlessly (future integration with payment gateways is planned).
  • Analytics & Reporting: Gain valuable insights into student activity, popular courses, and platform usage through comprehensive analytics.

By partnering with Apps Lanka, Yulatutors can establish a user-friendly and informative website that showcases their expertise and attracts a wider audience of aspiring accountants. The powerful admin panel ensures efficient content management and valuable data insights. This winning combination will position Yulatutors for success in the eLearning market for ACCA and CMA preparation.

Here's what sets Apps Lanka apart

  • Deep Understanding of eLearning: We possess a comprehensive understanding of the eLearning landscape, allowing us to tailor solutions that cater to the specific needs of educators and students.
  • SEO Optimisation Expertise: Our team ensures your eLearning platform achieves maximum visibility in search results, attracting a wider audience of potential students actively seeking relevant courses.
  • Video Learning Integration: We seamlessly integrate engaging video lessons into your platform, enhancing student engagement and knowledge retention.

Whether you're a seasoned E-Learning provider or just starting your journey, Apps Lanka is your ideal partner. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you build an eLearning platform that empowers educators, engages students, and drives success.



  • Subject-Based Manual Subscription
  • Lesson Listing
  • Interactive Video Lessons
  • Integration of quizzes and interactive assessments
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Testimonials
  • A Powerful Admin Panel
  • On-page SEO optimisation


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