• Date 3 weeks ago
  • Status Active
  • Platform Android,iOS,Website
  • Tech / Frameworks Laravel Flutter Wordpress

Apps Lanka Software Solutions designed and developed a comprehensive Tamil news platform, Tamilaran, catering to the global Tamil speaking community. This project encompasses a user friendly WordPress website and a mobile application (iOS & Android) built with Flutter. Tamilaran empowers users to stay informed on the latest happenings in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, India, and around the world, while also offering entertainment through integrated radio and the ability to personalise their news experience.

Key Features

  • Targeted Push Notifications
    Tamilaran delivers personalised news updates through push notifications. Users can subscribe to their preferred news categories, ensuring they only receive the information they care about.

  • Daily Rasi Palan Notifications
    Staying true to Tamil culture, the app integrates daily horoscope notifications, keeping users informed about their astrological predictions.

  • Integrated Radio Player
    Enjoy both news and entertainment on the go! Tamilaran's built-in radio feature allows users to listen to their favourite Tamil online radio stations while staying updated on current events.

  • RSS News Feeds
    Tamilaran utilises RSS feeds from various popular Tamil news channels, providing users with a diverse range of perspectives and content.

  • Content Creation
    Aspiring journalists and storytellers can participate as editors on Tamilaran, contributing their own content and engaging with the Tamil community.

  • Adjustable Font Size
    Tamilaran offers an adjustable font size feature, allowing users to customise the reading experience for optimal readability.

  • Clean Interface
    Clean and user friendly design prioritises ease of use. Users can navigate news articles, explore radio options, and personalise their preferences with minimal effort.

  • Multiple Themes
    Tamilaran caters to user preferences with both light and dark theme options. Additionally, the app allows users to choose from a variety of colour themes within the panel, offering a level of personalisation not commonly found in news apps.

  • Multilingual Support
    Tamilaran caters to a global Tamil audience by offering support for multiple languages.

  • AdMob Integration
    The mobile application leverages AdMob, a leading mobile ad network platform by Google, for seamless ad integration within the app. This allows Tamilaran to generate revenue and support platform maintenance and development.

  • AdSense Integration
    The Tamilaran website strategically integrates Google AdSense, a popular advertising platform, to display relevant and non intrusive ads. This also allows Tamilaran to generate revenue and support platform maintenance and development.

  • Radio Request Feature
    Users can submit requests for their favourite radio stations, ensuring the app stays up to date with the latest listening trends and caters to diverse preferences.

Looking for a development company to create a mobile app, website, or develop online radio application?  Apps Lanka Software Solutions has the expertise! We can help you build user friendly and feature rich platforms like Tamilaran. This project highlights Apps Lanka Software Solutions' expertise in building user-friendly digital experiences.  We are committed to developing innovative and user friendly platforms that empower businesses to connect with their audiences effectively.

Here's what we can do for you

  • Mobile App Development
    We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android using Flutter, a powerful cross platform framework.
  • Website Development
    Build a user-friendly and SEO-optimised website with WordPress, a popular and easy to use platform.
  • News App Development
    Engage your audience with a feature rich news application that keeps them informed and entertained.
  • Radio App Development
    Integrate radio functionalities seamlessly into your mobile app for an all in one experience.



  • iOS and Android Applications
  • Targeted Push Notifications
  • Integrated Online Radio Player
  • RSS News Feeds
  • Adjustable Font Size
  • Clean Interface
  • Multiple Themes
  • Multilingual Support
  • Radio Request Feature
  • Google AdSense and AdMob integrated


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