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Apps Lanka Software Solutions takes pride in empowering businesses like RV Films to reach their full potential. RV Films, a renowned photography and videography company nestled in the heart of Italy, approached us with a challenge that resonated deeply – the struggle to be seen and heard in a competitive digital landscape.

Before partnering with Apps Lanka, RV Films faced a significant hurdle, the lack of a website. This absence from the digital world had a detrimental impact on their business in several ways

  • Limited Visibility
    Without a website, RV Films was invisible in online searches. Potential clients seeking photography and videography services in Italy couldn't find them, leading to missed opportunities.
  • Showcasing Expertise Was a Challenge
    Breathtaking visuals and captivating videos are paramount for photography and videography businesses. However, RV Films lacked a platform to showcase their exceptional past work, hindering their ability to impress potential clients and demonstrate their unique artistic vision.
  • Building Trust and Credibility
    A professional website establishes a brand's legitimacy and builds trust with potential clients. Without such a presence, RV Films struggled to establish a strong online reputation.
  • Inefficient Communication and Lead Generation
    The absence of a website meant relying solely on traditional methods of client communication, a less efficient and scalable approach to generating leads and securing projects.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by RV Films, Apps Lanka took a multi-pronged approach, focusing on crafting a website that would not only be visually stunning but also strategically built for success

  • Responsive Design
    We prioritised a user-friendly design that seamlessly adapts to all devices to ensure a flawless user experience, regardless of how visitors accessed the website. This caters to the modern consumer who often explores potential services on the go.
  • A Visual Feast for the Senses
    RV Films is all about capturing beautiful moments, and their website reflects that. We built a website that lets their amazing photos and videos shine. We hand-picked their best work and put it in a special gallery on the website. Plus, we made sure everything loads quickly so you don't have to wait to see their fantastic work.
  • Compelling Information Architecture
    We made it easy for you to find out what RV Films can do for you. The website has dedicated sections for different types of photography and videography, like weddings, events, and travel. Each section explains what's included in each package and shows some examples of their work in that area. You'll also learn about the special benefits you get when you choose RV Films (their unique selling points).
  • A Clear Call to Action
    A website's ultimate purpose is to convert visitors into clients. We implemented a clear call to action button, strategically placed throughout the website, encouraging visitors to contact RV Films for inquiries and bookings. This simplified the process for potential clients to connect and discuss their project needs.
  • SEO Optimisation for Maximum Visibility
    Understanding the importance of ranking well in search results, we implemented robust SEO best practices. This included incorporating relevant keywords throughout the website content and meta descriptions. The goal was to ensure RV Films' website appears at the forefront of online searches for terms like "photography Italy," "videography Italy," "wedding photography Italy," etc. This strategy aimed to attract a wider audience actively seeking the services RV Films provides.
  • Robust Admin Panel
    Apps Lanka designed a robust admin panel for RV Films' website, granting them complete control over their online presence. This user-friendly interface empowers them to effortlessly manage various dynamic content
    • Services: Easily update service descriptions, pricing options, and introduce special offers directly through the admin panel.
    • Bookings: Manage incoming booking inquiries and client communication efficiently within the platform.
    • Contacts: Ensure your contact information remains current by modifying phone numbers, email addresses, and any additional details through the admin panel.
    • Gallery Images: Upload, organise, and update captivating photos and videos across various sections like the portfolio and events gallery.
    • Content Management: The dynamic admin panel extends beyond visuals. Update project descriptions, team member bios, and other website content with ease.


  • 400% Increase in Revenue
    The new website with its clear call to action and user-friendly booking system led to a significant 400% increase in revenue for RV Films.
  • Enhanced Online Presence
    The launch of the new website established RV Films' brand identity online, showcasing their artistry and expertise to a wider audience.
  • Increased Visibility and Traffic
    SEO optimisation strategies significantly improved RV Films' website ranking in search results, leading to a surge in organic traffic from potential clients.
  • Increased Leads and Bookings
    The clear call to action and easy-to-access contact information facilitated client communication and project inquiries. This led to a significant increase in leads and bookings for RV Films.

Are you a photography studio, videography studio, creative agency, or another visual storytelling business? Apps Lanka can help you achieve similar results! We specialise in crafting websites that showcase your talents and attract new clients. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help your business flourish and secure more projects.



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