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A comprehensive solution for seamless e-commerce integration with Point of Sale (POS). Namasthe revolutionizes the way you manage your business by effortlessly connecting your online store with your brick-and-mortar operations, empowering you to streamline every aspect of your retail experience.

Product Images and Categories:

With Namasthe, organizing your products into customizable categories and showcasing them with stunning images is a breeze. Engage your customers visually and provide them with an intuitive browsing experience that drives sales and enhances satisfaction.

Line Items and Product Management:

Stay on top of every transaction detail with precision. Namasthe allows you to manage line items efficiently, ensuring accurate inventory management and order processing. Update product details, pricing, and availability in real-time to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Reports: Gain valuable insights into your business performance with Namasthe's comprehensive reporting capabilities. Analyze sales trends, track inventory movement, and monitor customer behavior to make informed decisions that optimize your operations and drive profitability.

Offline Capability:

Never miss a beat, even when connectivity is limited. Namasthe's offline capabilities ensure uninterrupted business operations by allowing you to continue processing orders and managing your store seamlessly. Data syncs automatically once connectivity is restored, keeping your business running smoothly at all times.

Print Receipts and KOT:

Impress your customers with professional-looking receipts and streamline kitchen operations with integrated Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs). Namasthe enables you to print receipts directly from the POS system, providing customers with a tangible record of their transactions. Additionally, optimize kitchen efficiency by printing KOTs for seamless order fulfillment, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Customer Management:

Build strong, lasting relationships with your customers through personalized interactions. Namasthe's customer management features make it easy to capture customer information, track purchase history, and offer targeted promotions that drive loyalty and repeat business.

Product Search and Barcode Scanner:

Find products quickly and accurately with Namasthe's integrated product search functionality. Whether you're managing inventory or processing orders, our intuitive search feature ensures efficient navigation through your product catalog. Additionally, simplify checkout processes and streamline inventory management with Namasthe's built-in barcode scanner, allowing you to scan and update product information effortlessly.

Experience the power of Namasthe and unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability in your retail operations. With its comprehensive suite of features, including product management, reporting, offline capabilities, receipt printing, KOT integration, customer management, product search, and barcode scanning, Namasthe is the ultimate solution for modern businesses looking to thrive in today's competitive market.



  • Menu Listing
  • Product Category
  • Add to cart
  • Customer Management
  • Area and delivery fees management
  • Receipt Printing 80mm / 50mm
  • KOT print
  • Voice / Sound alert for new order and automatic receipt print
  • Reports and Graphs
  • Customer black list


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