• Date 2 weeks ago
  • Status Active
  • Platform web
  • Tech / Frameworks Angular Laravel

Apps Lanka Software Solutions designed and developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website for Nilamua, a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, and saree drapist based in Switzerland. However, the website's core functionalities extend far beyond a singular user case. This comprehensive solution caters to a wider range of beauty professionals, including makeup artists, hair stylists, studios, salon owners, and independent beauty service providers. 

Key Features

  • Engaging Sliders: A captivating hero section featuring high-quality sliders with promotional text and a clear call to action button, encouraging visitors to contact Nilamua for appointments. All slider content and text are dynamically managed by the client through the user-friendly admin panel.
  • Comprehensive Services Section: A dedicated section showcasing Nilamua's various services, each accompanied by a concise description and a relevant image. This allows potential clients to easily explore the available options and visualise the quality of work offered. The entire services section is dynamically managed, allowing Nilamua to add, edit, or remove services as needed.
  • Interactive Image Gallery: A stunning image gallery featuring Nilamua's impressive portfolio. The gallery includes zoom functionality, enabling visitors to appreciate the intricate details of her makeup artistry and saree draping skills. The image gallery is fully dynamic, allowing Nilamua to upload, edit, and organise her portfolio with ease.
  • Informative Blog: A dedicated blog section where Nilamua can share valuable insights and expert advice on skincare, makeup techniques, upcoming trends, and the art of saree draping. This not only establishes Nilamua's expertise but also attracts organic traffic through relevant keywords. The blog section is built for user-generated content, allowing Nilamua to easily publish and manage informative blog posts.
  • Testimonials: A "Happy Clients Speak" section featuring positive testimonials from satisfied clients. This builds trust and social proof, encouraging potential customers to book Nilamua's services. Instead, it seamlessly integrates with Nilamua's Google Business Reviews. This allows visitors to see authentic client feedback directly from Google, fostering transparency and building trust.
  • Contact-us Section: A well-structured contact page with a clear contact form, phone number and address, allowing visitors to effortlessly reach Nilamua for inquiries and bookings.
  • About Us: A dedicated "About Us" page that introduces Nilamua, her background, experience, and passion for her craft. This personalises the brand and fosters a connection with potential clients.
  • Social Media Links: Nilamua's social media channels section, allows visitors to connect with her on popular platforms and engage with her latest work and promotions.

Benefits for Nilamua

  • Increased online presence and brand awareness in Switzerland and Targeted Countries.
  • Improved user experience for potential clients seeking makeup artistry, hairstyling, and saree draping services.
  • Enhanced communication and booking opportunities through a user-friendly contact form.
  • Establishment of Nilamua's expertise through informative blog content and positive testimonials.
  • Streamlined social media engagement to reach a wider audience.
  • SEO Optimization: The website is built with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring it ranks well in search engine results pages for relevant keywords in Switzerland.

Apps Lanka's Expertise

This project showcases Apps Lanka Software Solutions' capability to design and develop feature-rich websites using Angular and Laravel. Our expertise ensures a user-friendly frontend experience, a secure and scalable backend, and a content management system that empowers Nilamua to keep her website content dynamic and up-to-date.



  • Engaging Sliders
  • Comprehensive Services Section
  • Interactive Image Gallery
  • Informative Blog
  • Testimonials
  • Contact-us Section
  • About Us
  • Social Media Links


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