• Hours of Work 25:00
  • Date 4 years ago
  • Status Finished
  • Platform Android

WE’VE BEEN BUILDING Unique Digital Products, Platforms, And Experiences For The Past Years. We develop customer desire-based mobile application and web application in Sri Lanka, Specially focused on the enterprise-level customer, who needs to optimize their work using the mobile app web technology.

Jaye Makes is a northern provincial-based distributer, one of the most popular and the most prestigious brand in northern market. They are ready to distribute and provide services to their customers with the power of Apps Lanka Software Solutions’ easy biz application solution.

Customer Management Regular / Agent / Random customer, Price list based on the customer types above and Create a new customer

Orders Management In Lab / Hand-covered / Pending, Orders customer delivery dates, Filters by date and types above and Offline orders with visible icons to differentiate the offline data

Responsive Design Never in all their history have men been able truly to conceive of the world as one: a single sphere, a globe, having the qualities of a globe.

Credit Management individually close the credit bills and Sync the credits on manually.

Expenses Management Possible to enter expenses of the day, Filter expenses by date and Total of the expense per date.

Product Management Unit of the product, Cost price, Selling price and Syncronize the products.

Bluetooth bill printing 58mm, 80mm printing and print logo on the top of the bill.

Completely offline with the sync system Can sync partially and Can sync completely

Multi-language support Support Tamil as application language, English and Sinhala.



  • Customer Management
  • Orders Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Credit Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Product Management
  • Bluetooth bill printing
  • Multi-language support
  • Offline support


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