MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture

Laravel MVC Architecture


What is the MVC architectural design pattern?

MVC architecture is a design pattern that supports the developers to develop applications faster.This architecture design pattern reduces the amount of time and effort in developing applications. M stands for Model, V stands for View, and C stands for controller.


Many frameworks follow the MVC architecture to provide a super set of functionality to the Developers. nowadays , Developers develop the application very easily without confusing 

Frameworks consist of MVC architecture that divide the codings separately according to nature like Model, View, and Controller. Laravel is a PHP framework that follows the MVC architectural design pattern.Below given diagram show the interaction of MVC.




Model responsible for maintaining the data .It handles the data logics.model has the direct relationship with data means through the Model data retrieved and stored into the database. Some limitations can be laid to the data such a function developer can make through the mode. Controller communicate with model to fetch the data for the user,




View is responsible for rendering the web page with the content. Content can be received from the database through the model with the help of the controller. View actually responsible for the User interface part that users see through the device screen. View in the laravel shown like filename.blade.php, it has html content mostly.




Controllers act as an intermediary between View and Model. It communicates with the model and processes the result of the model then sends it to the View. or fetch the request from view and handle it according to the user needs. It handles backend tells view how the data want to be represented to the user.


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