How an Idea become a good Design

How an Idea become a good Design

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Customer Expectation

Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing is so amazing part of our work, We from Sri Lanka serve all over the world with our service.
Every time we talk with our customers to understand the problems they face and
try to understand the expectations. 
The customer needs a conceptual design to promote his Grocery Delivery Application with innovative ideas.

We have chosen some key points.

  • Fast Delivery
  • Delivery with Cargo cycle
  • Delivery in 60min
  • Green Delivery (because no fuel, no pollution)

Design we made 

Concept design from papaer work

with these key points, our Designer & SEO experts start work on the designs and delivery good awesome & perfect designs for our customers.

How we did our paperwork.

the video we made for this concept



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