How mock-up help us in development

How mock-up help us in development

Makeup helps us.

Mockup helps us in fast mobile and web application development. When we make mobile applications using native apps development tools. Even making small changes for buttons, lists make time lost.

Especially when we work with Native Android, Native iOs, and Flutter App development we spent a lot of time making the UI perfect. 

What are the Mockup tools we use?

  1. Figma Clique favorite
  2. InVision  Clique favorite
  5. Balsamiq

but we use Balsamiq for our projects for simplicity.

Mockup for Money Transfer & Exchange

We have a client from Newyork, who wants to make mobile and web applications in Sri Lanka. The client has a parcel delivery service in Jaffna & Vavuniya.
He wanted to manage his service. And also give the possibility to his customers Iin all over the world to easily understand the parcel exchange rates.

Let me give a simple listing of his requirements.

  1. Possibilty to see the parcel exchange price by selecting the country and weight

  2. Possibility for Pre-Paid Parcel exchange service
  3. Possibility to send email & send message via WhatsApp from admin panel to the user
  4. Possibility to add listing items in the parcel with some more details
  5. Payment Gateway Intergration for the parcel service.
  6. Parcel services open-link  for post-paid items.

Here is some mockup we did for him.

send money to sri lanka mockup

Curious to see the real output?

Click here to see the parcel service





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