GIT Version Control System

GIT Version Control System

This article teaches you how to use Version Control Software GIT for your software projects.

F.     How to check whether GIT is downloaded or not?

  • Open your command prompt and type

    git –version
    git -v



G.   How to install GIT on windows?


  • Once the installer has started, follow the instructions as provided in the Git Setup wizard screen until the installation is complete.

  • Open the windows command prompt.

  • Type git version to verify Git was installed.


H.   GIT Configuration

We downloaded GIT as an administrator. So, first of all, we configure the GIT and tell who is the user.

Three types of Configure: Global, Local, and system.

  • local: local configs are only available for the current project and stored in .git/config in the project's directory.

  • global: Global configs are available for all projects for the current user and stored in ~/.gitconfig.

  • system: System configs are available for all the users/projects and stored in /etc/gitconfig.

Check your directory. If the GIT config file isn’t here, we need to configure that.


I.    How to configure?

  • User Name:

Git config “Saroth”


Git config  --global “Saroth”


Git config  --system “Saroth”


  • User Email


Git config


Git config  --global


Git config  --system


  •  Default Editor


Git config  core.editor “code --wait”


Git config  --global core.editor “code --wait”


Git config  --system core.editor “code --wait”



In later chapters, we will discuss GIT components.

I hope this is useful.


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