GIT Version Control System

GIT Version Control System

This article teaches you how to use Version Control Software GIT for your software projects.

A. What is Version Control?

Version Control is important to keep track of changes and keep every team member working on the right version. We should use Version Control Software for all code, files, and assets that multiple team members will collaborate on.

B. Why is it important?

  • It needs to do more than just manage and track files.
  • It should help you develop and ship products faster.
  • This is especially important for teams practicing DevOps.

C. Several types of VCS

Some are centralized and some are decentralized.

  • Helix Core
  • GIT
  • SVN
  • Clear case
  • Mercurial
  • TFS

D. Difference between Centralized and Distributed Version Control Software

Centralized Version Control

Distributed Version Control

It is the simplest form of version control in which the central repository of the server provides the latest code to the client machines.

It is a form of version control where the complete codebase (including its full history) is mirrored on every developer’s computer.

There are no local repositories

There are local repositories

Works comparatively slower

Works Faster

Always require internet correctively

Developers can work with a local repository without an internet connection.

Focuses on synchronizing tracking and backing up files.

Focuses on sharing changes.

A failure in the central server terminates all the versions.

A failure in the main server does not affect the development.


E. What is GIT and Why do we use GIT mostly?

GIT is a Decentralized Version Control System. It is a version control system that developers use all over the world. It helps you track different versions of your code and collaborate with other developers.

If you are working on the project over time, you may want to keep track of which changes were made, by whom, and when those changes were made. This becomes increasingly important if you end up having a bug in your code! GIT can help you with this.

However, studying Git can also be intimidating and perplexing at first. For this reason, I will explain Git in this essay in a style that is accessible to all people. Let's get started by discussing things like repositories, commits, branches, and much more!


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