Creating laravel project

Creating laravel project

Step 1: Download the following tools

  1. XAMPP Server.

  2. Composer.


After downloading the XAMPP and Composer. You are getting ready to install a fresh laravel application.


Step 2: Open the command line interface.

You have to open the CLI(Command line interface) in the desired folder where you want to create the laravel application. In my example, I installed a laravel named  folder in the desktop.

Run the following command

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app


In this command example-app is my project name , you can specify your project name there.


After running the command , you will see command like given below.


Finally, you will see the below command line, this indicates you have successfully created the laravel project.


Step 3 : 

  • After completing the project creation, you will see the project you created. In my case, I created the project in the name example-app .Therefore , I got the example-app folder. Given below.


  • Open the example app using a text editor , I use visual studio code editor that has more features. You will see this folder after opening the example-app using vs code editor.






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