Overview of Laravel Framework

Overview of Laravel Framework

Overview of Laravel framework

What is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the best PHP framework.it supports developers to develop applications quickly.it consists of many salient features.Laravel is mostly used for backend but it is facilitated to be a full stack development framework. Laravel follows MVC architecture M for Model,V-View, C-Controller


Why is laravel popular?

Laravel is a facilitated framework, it has good community support. Therefore, the Laravel developer has the ability to ask any doubts they have. Laravel consists of many packages like authentication packages so it is very very super easy to develop an application and can make it to the market quickly.


Is Laravel good for learning?

According to a 2020 survey by JetBrains, 50% of PHP developers say they use Laravel regularly.Compared to symfony, laravel is a best and ranked framework. In the job market, Laravel also has higher stakes. So, learning Laravel is pretty good.


Does Laravel have difficulty for beginners?

No, Laravel is a super easy framework for beginners.to use it we need XAMPP or WAMP and a composer(package manager) and a good code editor like visual studio code editor.

After creating a laravel project, laravel gives a folder structure, so we can easily work with laravel projects.


Interface of Laravel folder structure



Laravel is the best framework for learning, it has scalability and can create complex applications also. Visit https://laravel.com/docs/9.x/installation. This is the current latest version. Visit  https://laracasts.com is the laravel community website , in which laravel developers can communicate the bugs and errors.



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