Apps Lanka Dish TV/ Cable Tv Subscriber Management System

Apps Lanka Dish TV/ Cable Tv Subscriber Management System

Dish TV Subscriber Management System is an Android application. It does a lot of things like Subscriber monthly payment remainder, Subscriber management, Account management, Bluetooth bill printing etc. Customers can get many benefits here. With the advancement of technology, people are looking for the easiest and fastest way to save their time and get things done. This is designed to be an easy way to do that. This Dish TV Subscriber Management System is unique in that it is developed to be both users friendly and customer friendly. It also controls everything from the single admin panel. It controls centralized inventory, subscriber management, pricing, summary, report and more.

The following are some of the features that are available in this system.

  • Subscriber Management
  • Account Management
  • Monthly Summary
  • Bluetooth Bill Printing (58mm, 80mm printing & print logo on the top of the bill)
  • Payment Remainder
  • Monthly Payment Management
  • Completely offline with the sync completely
  • Multi-language support (Support Tamil, English & Sinhala as application language)
  • Responsive Design

People need to move forward with the advancement of technology without traditional methods. This system also has more advanced features than the existing methods. Managing subscribers using papers is a very tedious task. The reason is that it increases because it is responsible. Sometimes the papers are lost. In such a case valuable data is lost. But this method can solve many such problems. All account data can be maintained properly. We have now decided to offer this application on a subscription basis. Also, three packages are listed separately.

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • One time payment

Everything here is presented separately and accurately in a way that one can easily understand. Therefore, it can be concluded that this system is better.


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