Studio Management System

Studio Management System
Studio Management System
Studio Management System
Studio Management System
Studio Management System
Studio Management System
Studio Management System

DotLine Photography and Lap is one of the famous photo studio in Jaffna, North of Sri Lanka and offers various services in Photography.

Dot Line Photography & Lab is about capturing your most beautiful day and moments when you are with the people you love. We want to save all your beautiful memories.

We started with Mockup.

With the help of the mockup tool “Balsamiq” , we started design the UI with fits for our client. It is an awesome experience work with Balsamiq and it’s tool. The app developement is so pain without a good mockup. We always work with the mockup and well designed User Interface to optimize the working speed and deliver a good product to the customer as soon as possible.

Here are the some Mockup we did for the studio management project.

Hours of hard work and design has become a better app design. After the customer approval we started enjoy the coding 🙂

List of features

  1. Customer management
    1. Regular / Agent / Random customer
    2. Price list based of the customer types above
    3. Create new customer
  2. Orders managment
    1. In Lab / Hand-overed / Pending(need to send in lab)
    2. Orders customer delivery dates
    3. Filters by date and types above
    4. Offline orders with visible icons to diffirentiate the offline data 
    5. Assign the price on the fly (editable price and quantity)
    6. Filter order by customer
  3. Credit Managment
    1. individually close the credit bills
    2. Sync the credits on manually
  4. Expenses Management
    1. Possible to enter expenses of the day
    2. Filter expenses by date
    3. Total of the expense per date
  5. Cash Drawer entry
  6. Product Management
    1. Unit of the product
    2. Cost price
    3. Selling price
    4. Syncronize the products
  7. Delivery of the day (filter all the order which has to be deliver and ordered by delivery time)
  8. Info / help line – Can call the appslanka customer service from the application or open a ticket to risolve the any issues
  9. Dashboard
    1. Today’s cash sales
    2. Today’s credit sales
    3. Today’s total sales
    4. Today’s total expenses
    5. Today’s total credits
    6. Cash in drawer
    7. Total Remaining credits
    8. Product counts
    9. Customer counts
    10. Graph for daily sale
  10. Bluetooth bill printing 
    1. 58mm
    2. 80mm printing
    3. print logo on the top of the bill
  11. Complety offline with sync system
    1. Can sync parially
    2. Can sync completly
  12. Multi language support
    1. Support Tamil as application language
    2. English
    3. Singala
  13. Addition printer settings for admin users
  14. Diffent Layout
    1. Master detail andriod for 10inch tablets
    2. List desing for mobile phones
  15. Admin panel
    1. Laravel admin panel

Video Demo


We develop customer desire base mobile application and web application in Sri Lanka, Specially focused on enterprise level customer, who needs to optimize their work using the mobile app web technology. We work for creating android native, IOS native , windows native, web applications also Multi platform application development using Ionic framework

Feel free to contact us for extend your business with our tech support.



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