kalyanamalai – Matrimonial Website

kalyanamalai – Matrimonial Website
kalyanamalai – Matrimonial Website
kalyanamalai – Matrimonial Website
kalyanamalai – Matrimonial Website

Tamil Matrimonial website development

Tamil Matrimonial website development in Asia or Sri Lanka!
We make matrimonial websites based on customer requirement and also we suggest new ideas to optimize the portal.

What is Kalyanamalai.lk?

We have recently created Kalyanamalai Tamil matrimonial  portal. This is specially focused on Sri lankan tamils. Also this matrimony website helps tamil people to find their life partners even out of Sri Lanka.
At the time of writing this article there are more than 1500 groom and bride details in this site.

How was the developement?

We are fan of Laravel framework. Thanks to Mr.TAYLOR OTWELL for his awesome work.
Web Application development using laravel is so fun and awesome. We learned a lot through out this project.
We learned about how works “panchang chart” and it was intersting to find how people love and believe on it.
When we develop this matrimonial site we work hard to give mobile responsive chart for both languages.
Finally we successfully launched this website.

Special Thanks to Miss.Mularitharan Roshani who works hard to finialize this matrimony portal.

About the features.

  1. Front page with filters
    1. By age
    2. Caste
    3. Place
    4. Groom/Bride
  2. Multi language website
    1. English
    2. Tamil
  3. Responsive web Design
  4. Awesome animations
  5. Image Sliders
  6. Profile Listing using cards
  7. Responsive detail page
  8. Contact us page
    1. with google map with streetview
    2. Contact us form
    3. Contact details
  9. New Member register page with their contact details
  10. Admin Panel

Are you interested to create Matrimonial website?

We welcome you to meet us with your fantastic ideas, we help you get success.  🙂

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