Enterprise application software (EAS) – Sri Lanka

Enterprise application software (EAS) – Sri Lanka

Enterprise application software (EAS) – Sri Lanka

These days Mobile has become on of the important part of life and it is so difficult to find someone who do not have a smart phone. But when we talk about Business and Enterprise there are lots of thing to undestand.
What is EAS?
EAS stands for Enterprise application software.
In the automated business world, softwares are very important. Campanies can not move on if their software has any problem.
The software make daily working progress easy and more convinient.

Where EAS can be used?

  • POS – Point of Sale
  • Collect orders from Customers (EASY BIZ ) 
  • Electronic Bus Tickets
  • Ticket Booking Applications
  • Hotel Reservation Application
  • Inventory Management application

There are some example of Enterprise application. Sri Lanka is being developed these day. It is necessary to creating the Enterprise applications in Sri Lanka.  Apps Lanka software solutions pvt ltd is one of the growing software company in Srilanka (Jaffa). We are focused on offering a valueble service for Business people, who needs to optimize their business.
We make Android Enterprise applications in English Tamil and Singala lanaguages. Having an application on your own language make you feel better and allow you work faster.

IOS application also can be used as Enterprise Application. But there is a problem with the cost of an Iphone. Also IOS application in Sri Lanka cost mucher than creating an Android application. Android is an open source platform. Which allows to highly customize and make KIOSK mode device easily.

Apps Lanka software solutions makes android application with youngerst team of developers in Jaffna and collobrates with the developers from Italy. So it is simple easy to communicate with them in Tamil or Singala language and make the enterprise application exactly how you want.

Stop writing all data on a paper and feel hard to collect the information from the written papers. Instead visit to Apps Lanka office which is in Jaffna. We analysic your business progress and find a great solution to optimize your production speed.

see you..

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